What is CT Design Plus?

CT Design Plus is a newly developed software which allows users to mockup a fully rendered space in moments by selecting from a library of pre-made digital assets in order to conceptualize potential cabinet layouts. Its ease of access and user-friendly interface makes it the optimal choice for anybody who works with cabinetry, whether designing layouts or physically producing custom kitchen, bathroom or closet fixtures.

What are the CTD+ system requirements?

Currently the CTD+ software only runs on Windows OS, but we are in the process of making the software compatible for other operating systems in the future; if you navigate to the the blog page, you can stay updated with our latest updates and news.

How can I use CTD+ to create my very own cabinet layout?

CTD+ features a pre-made library of digital assets that allow you to customize your very own cabinet layouts, for more information please see our demos page which features a series of video tutorials explaining in depth how to use this software to create your very own unique and interesting cabinet designs.

How do I export my cabinet design to a material list for maufacturing?

Under the menu settings in the CTD+ software, there is an option to export and view a comprehensive list of materials for producing your custom cabinetry layouts. Currently our software only exports to Microvellum software for producing CNC ready parts for your cabinets, but will soon allow exporting to other AutoCAD softwares for a more thorough and streamlined process of developing custom cabinet layouts.

Can I purchase designs for installation in my own space?

We are currently working on a process for the CTD+ software that allows users to purchace their own custom design layouts for installation directly through CT Design Plus; please follow our blog for any further updates regarding the software.